Radio Brockley's annual fundraiser - a Fun Quiz with Supper! 

Date: 24th November 2012 
Venue: Wingate and Finchley Football Club 

The evening was a roaring success. A good time was had by all, and we raised over £1100. Many thanks to everyone who contributed, and made the evening the success that it was.

 Our thanks also go to our sponsors for the evening. Please give them your support:

Company Name Website Contact Name email Address
Baginsky Cohen Jerry Michael
Definitive Change Heather Thomas
GDK  Alex Feigenbaum
Ultimate Destinations Alan Haynes
Craven Electric   Tom Craven
AAI Security Andy Gilmore
Real Telekom Kanto Kandasamy
David Oliver   David Oliver 
Jeremy asks the questions
As does Emma
Alan and Emma count the cash!