Radio Brockley, London's longest running hospital radio station, provides a service to the patients of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore. Run entirely by volunteers, listeners simply select "Channel 1" on the control panel by each bed. Alternatively, they can get us, at no charge, via WiFi Spark on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

We broadcast 24/7, with a wide of shows. There are request shows each evening we broadcast that we broadcast live, so patients get a chance to have their choice of music played. RB also caters for specialist music including; show-music, country & western, dance, classical and jazz. We also feature phone-outs, competitions, quizzes and outside broadcasts.

We receive the most response from Bedside Bingo, our most popular show, which goes out every Sunday evening. Members take tickets onto the wards and numbers are called on-air until there are three winners. Patient reps check the numbers by calling the studio - and the winners each receive a host of Radio Brockley goodies as their prize!

At Radio Brockley we provide a personal service to patients, which is something other stations cannot do, due to play-list restrictions. This also helps because many patients are not local and therefore do not receive regular visitors.

Our members know that if members don't visit wards, they don't get requests. If they don't get requests, they don't get listeners and, if they don't get listeners, there's no point in having a radio service!

As a registered charity, Radio Brockley depends totally upon funds raised by members. These are generated by activities including the sale of goodies, street collections and the Grand Christmas Raffle. These moneys are then used to finance the running of the station; to pay for new music, equipment, administration and insurance. All of our members are unpaid volunteers and, without them, we couldn't provide such an exemplary service.

Radio Brockley is in an enviable position today, with more members than ever before, a high standard of programming, longer broadcasting hours and an enthusiastic team of members whose hard work keeps the station running to a professional standard.