Important Stuff!

Fund raising is not just important to Radio Brockley, but essential for the charity's survival.

The hospital kindly allows us a building, heat & power - but everything else is funded by our members' hard work, through various events. We receive no financial handouts from the government or big business and we don't have a huge turnover like the national charities, many of which pay their staff big bucks and administration often swallows up funds.

We take pride in the fact that our charity is run entirely by unpaid dedicated volunteers. Some members are former patients or would-be radio presenters, but all want to do something to benefit people unfortunate enough to be stuck in hospital. All funds raised are spent prudently, decisions are made democratically and, for the reasons we have listed here, and more, we believe our charity is a worthy cause which we hope you'll support!

Our personal radio service and regular visits to the wards for requests, bingo and other events benefit hospital patients by providing a welcome distraction from any discomfort following surgery. We provide a complimentary service to the RNOH's medical facilities and act as a friend to patients who may be stuck many miles away from their family & friends.

Buttercup Walk

Every year, the RNOH holds a fund-raising event called the Buttercup Walk. Patients, staff, friends and families make their way around a 1km course, in many different and imaginative ways. Radio Brockley was there, recording the event for broadcast, and interviewing the guest celebrities. You can see pictures of the 2010 event here, and 2011 here.

Looooong Service

Many of our members have been with the charity for more years than they care to remember! And, of our current members, here are our top ten longest serving volunteers:

Position Joined Name   Position Joined Name
1 1971 David Rauch   6 1991 Alan Joyce
2 1974 Ron Laver   7 1991 Martin Gold
3 1977 Keith Reeve   8 1992 Paul Downer
4 1983 Sue Weston   9 1992 Josh Holzman
51990Daniel Gee   10 1994 Les Hammond

HBA Awards

Our Public Relations Officer monitors the output of the station during the year and archives recordings of shows for submission to the HBA Awards.

The Hospital Broadcasting Association stages this event annually and, this year, Radio Brockley came first in one of the categories, winning gold! Details here.

Sale of Goodies

If you're not lucky enough to win an item of Radio Brockley merchandise, you can call the studio and ask us to bring you up a mug, pen, logo bug or card holder for purchase.

Our mugs can also be bought from the hospital shop in the Patient Centre

You'll also see members also carrying goodies onto the wards at various points in the week, so keep ‘em peeled to grab a souvenir of your stay at Stanmore Orthopaedic!


During the summer months we hold collections at local supermarkets. Our members wear sashes and stand with collection tins at the entrances/exits to the local stores that permit us to do so.

In past years we have held collections at Sainsbury's in Stanmore and at Tesco's in Borehamwood.

Tube Run

Some years ago an intrepid group of members set themselves a challenge to to visit every station on the London Underground map! The sponsored event was coordinated by Alan Joyce, Mandy Segall and Joe Lemer.

Of course, some stations on the system are disused, but the gang managed to tackle more than 300 of the ones that were open, armed with their packed lunches and a reel-to-reel recorder, on which they interviewed tube passengers, some of whom had been suspicious about what they were up to!

With the addition of the Jubilee Line extension and the advent of Crossrail, there are more stations on the tube/train network than ever before - and one day soon the event may be re-staged all over again!