We do our best to make sure volunteering is fun and beneficial to all parties. It is true that the more you put in, the more you will get out of it. So don’t just view it as giving, because you will get enormous satisfaction from knowing you are helping others and working with a great team of people.

You should also look to volunteering as a regular and reliable commitment, as, without our volunteers, we cannot provide the radio services that we do. Where possible, we prefer people to be available once a week, at a mutually agreed time. This allows us to plan and maintain our service in the most reliable manner. Of course, if you want to come more often, that would be great!


The New Members Co-ordinator will introduce you to the team, and show you round the studio complex. They will explain some of the equipment we use, how the station functions, advise you of what is planned for the evening, and provide an overview of some of our requirements, including the annual member subscription fee and the 12 week probationary period.

On your first visit, you are permitted to go on the wards once with one of our existing members, providing you remain with them at all times and follow their lead.

At the end of the evening you'll be given some literature and asked to contact the New Members Co-ordinator later in the week after you have had a chance to reflect on the evening and decide if you'd like to join Radio Brockley.

During the week you should receive an email asking you for some feedback on what you felt about your first time at Radio Brockley.


If both parties agree that you will join, you must now comply with the RNOH Volunteer Recruitment rules. These include:

Once the DBS is cleared, you can usually start to volunteer, providing you book onto the Induction Course and have completed your OH check.

Your photograph will also be taken for ID purposes and you'll be asked to give us full contact details, including next of kin, if you haven't provided these already.


The New Members Co-ordinator will go into further detail about Radio Brockley. This will include an explanation of the hospital wards, the importance of visiting patients and patient participation in our shows, the methods by which patients can hear us, the services we provide and events we get involved with.


There are various things you can do to help keep the station on air, and these depend on your availability, skills and personal preferences. We will do our best to use your time and skills in the best way we can.

One of the most important roles is to befriend our patients, increase their awareness of the station, collect music requests and helping with the Sunday evening “Bedside Bingo” game.

Some people want to get involved with presenting or engineering our shows, become a reporter for events and interviews and learn editing skills for program production. We can provide guidance and training for all of these skills.

Some members are keen to work in the background, perhaps in our music library, assist in the administration of the station, maintain our public relations presence, fundraise to name just a few.


To become a presenter on live or pre-recorded shows, you must pass a “voice test”. However, before you take the test, like anything else, we would suggest you practise first, and seek guidance or coaching from one of our existing members.

Engineering training, where you will learn to operate the equipment and develop the skills required to ensure the quality of our shows, can also be arranged. You will be required to pass the engineering test before you are allow to engineer live or pre-recorded shows.


If the Trustees are satisfied with your progression at Radio Brockley, then you should be offered membership of the charity. Once you have paid a subscription, you will be entitled to the benefits of membership. These include access to the music library, use of the studio facilities and equipment, the right to vote at meetings and quarterly editions of our publication "Brockley News".

Welcome On Board!