The total number of requests collected was 3,531. This was 10% more than 2006, and an all-time record. These were the most popular songs and artists in 2007.

 Top 20 Songs


 Top 20 Artists

 Chasing Cars

 Snow Patrol


 Frank Sinatra 


 Rihanna featuring Jay-Z




 Take That!


 Take That!

 Grace Kelly



 Elvis Presley

 My Way

 Frank Sinatra


 Robbie Williams

 Hips Don't Lie

 Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean



 Crazy In Love





 Robbie Williams



 I Don't Feel Like Dancing

 Scissor Sisters


 Elton John


 Amy Winehouse



 Smack That

 Akon featuring Eminem


 Rod Stewart

 Lady In Red

 Chris De Burgh


 Snow Patrol

 Beautiful Liar

 Beyonce and Shakira




 Take That!



 You're Beautiful

 James Blunt



 Wind Beneath My Wings

 Bette Midler


 Justin Timberlake




 Lionel Richie




 Nelly Furtado


 Gnarls Barkley



 Bleeding Love

 Leona Lewis


 Scissor Sisters