If you are considering working in the media on a professional basis, hospital radio is an ideal place to start - but you should be looking to do this for the long-term.


At Radio Brockley, we do not take on short-term volunteers and our operating hours, which are during the evenings, may also be unsuitable for what you are after.


Having a hospital radio station listed on your CV is really a necessity these days, and volunteers at Radio Brockley say they keep coming back because they enjoy doing something of worth and working with a great team of people.


We therefore suggest you seek short term work experience with a professional station and take up a hobby in hospital radio as well!


All members are expected to visit patients on the wards, as they are our listeners and recipients of the service we provide. If you are put off by hospitals or the sight of blood, then please try to overcome your concerns. However, depending on your skills and interest, we may still have a role for you!

Members are encouraged get involved with all aspects of running the station, not just programming. There are many opportunities available for people who don’t want to present or engineer shows.

Everyone is expected to help with fund raising for the charity as, without funds, we cannot continue to provide a service; even if this is just selling the occasional mug or pen, for example.

Members are requested to help with our flagship show, Bedside Bingo, each Sunday. This is one evening on which our patient representatives are needed in numbers, to cover the wards and and collect requests. However, we also have request shows at other times, and these, too, need patient representatives

Some members are not keen on all of the above, so, if they want to present a show, for example, they may earn the right by doing other things that are beneficial to the charity.


Good! All you need to be is aged 16 or older and have plenty of enthusiasm!

If you can commit to us, you are reliable, a good timekeeper, and you think could be a good ambassador for Radio Brockley on the wards, then contact us!

We recognise Radio Brockley isn't for everyone, but come along and join us for an evening, to see for yourself. You might be surprised at the difference you can make.

We are based in Stanmore, North London, and transport links to the hospital are not ideal. The "107" bus stops outside the main entrance, but evening and weekend services are limited, there is a fair walk to us and in the winter it can be unpleasant. The nearest TfL station is Stanmore, but there is no direct bus link to the hospital outside core hours, Please understand that we're not trying to put you off, but suggest that using a car or cab, particularly on your first visit, might be preferable.


Get in touch by emailing our New Members Co-ordinator at studio@radiobrockley.org.

Tell us about yourself, including what your interest is in radio, what stations you listen to, what similar work (if any) you have done before, whether you study or work and in which area you are living. You may like to email your CV.

Please include a telephone number and we will call you for a chat.

We realise many members want to use Radio Brockley as a stepping stone to a media career. We welcome an interest in broadcasting, but remind you that we are here, primarliy, for the patients, rather than ourselves. We will invest time and effort in your training, but we ask you to give time and commitment to Radio Brockley and its audience in return.

Finally, please understand we are unable to invite everyone to Radio Brockley, as we are not always actively seeking new members, or may feel you are unsuitable for us.

To see what happens in the first few weeks after you join us, look here.